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About us

Simplified homeschooling is the place for new homeschool parents to come and fully understand how to start on this amazing journey. It has also become a refuge for those who started and who have struggled in the core steps of a more simplified and successful adventure. 

We are a community with a Facebook page to stay informed, a Community group to interact and this amazing website all to help you as a homeschooling family get the most out of your journey. 

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Meet the Team

Together, we create a personalized learning environment, allowing for flexible and tailored educational experiences tailored to each child's pace and interests.

6 core steps to Becoming a Successful Homeschooler


Get Off The Treadmill


Matching Their Personality To The Right Teaching Style 


Create The Right Environment


Your Child's 



Set Up Your Core Teaching Methods


Gently Raising Responsible kids


Parents have always had the greatest impact on their child's learning and development. We provide you as a parent with the tools and support you need to make homeschooling your children a success.

  • We help you to keep your child motivated and engaged in learning

  • We help you create children who want to learn from you without the fight.

  • We help you bring out your child’s potential

  • We help you to provide an education that is aligned with your values

  • We help you make the most important change in your child's life 

It shouldn’t be difficult to retake the lead in your family’s education.

The Simplified Homeschooling Learning Center is here to help you make it simple

Becky J

"I have seen several programs, read the books and even participated in co-ops, and this is by far the best resource I have ever seen." 

Evita W

"I Just wanted to thank you... This has made a huge difference in my confidence to teach my children. In fact, I have never felt more joy doing anything else.


Seeing my children learning and thriving without having to worry about peer pressure and going at our own pace is incredibly rewarding. Thank you x1000."

Kim D

"I think there are so many moms, myself included who have felt the desire to homeschool but it feels so overwhelming that they don't do anything about it. This is the reason so many people need to learn from your understanding, knowledge, and guidance.

This is amazing!"


New to homeschooling? 

Welcome to the fastest growing form of education in the US. There are now over 4.3 million homeschoolers. (2022)

This is how we can help your family:

   - Detailed guide on how not to bring traditional school into your homeschool and why. 

   - How to gently raise responsible kids - empower them to take charge of their education at any age.

   - Helping you set up the right environment in your home. Create a space where learning is fun and natural. 

   - Help you understand your child's learning personality. 

   - Helping you apply the right teaching style to that learning personality. 

   - Helping you plan and set up your core teaching methods. 

Become a lifetime member and get this and much more. 


Been Homeschooling? 

Whether you are a 2nd year or a 2nd generation homeschooler, you can always benefit from being a part of a community. Increasing your skill set is a big bonus too. Join us, learn with us and expand your homeschooling like never before. 

This is how we can help your family:

   - Courses that help keep you focused in the right areas.

   - Understanding of how to take my children into the scholar phase, or High School and beyond. What about college, or are there better options? 

   - Helping you understand how to find and use mentors and tutors. 

   - How to take your homeschooling to the next level through world travel. 

   - Specialized and simplified curriculum

   - Helping you plan and set up your core teaching methods. 

Become a lifetime member and get this and much more. 

Frequently Ask Question

What about socialization?

Can anyone homeschool?

How do I maintain our child/parent

How do I set up the right
environment in my home?

Do I lose my personal time? 

What if my child wants to attend college  or university? 

What are the first steps to begin homeschooling?

What do I do for curriculum?

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