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Kid in Graduation Gown

College / University

Want to know a secret? Homeschool children out score traditional school children on college entrance exams. If college is right for your child, we can show you step by step how to apply and get scholarships even without a GED or high school diploma. How do we know? We've done it! 

Many children and parents see the end game of their education as the time they graduate from a college or university. You may have heard the story of the Bartlett children all attending University early, but that may not be right for your child. This is the beauty of homeschooling. Each child can help direct their own path after homeschool. The key to homeschooling is to instill a desire for lifelong learning. 

Different Paths

If you do want to go to a college, we have you covered. We share with you step by step how to apply, and how to create your own homeschool transcript. We even provide you with a template for a complete college entrance package. We go through how we did it and how we got the academic scholarships that paid for it. 


In addition, there are many paths you and your child can explore if you choose. Many feel a college education isn't what it once was and often doesn't prepare someone for the right career path in today's world. Yes they get a diploma, but in what? It is said that just the experience of college is what helps mold young minds and creates an ability to take on difficult tasks, and isn't that what employers want? Isn't that what you've been doing in your homeschooling? There is a reason why homeschoolers are better prepared to go to university, and why their scores are higher on standardized entrance exams. It is because they have already been taught to think at a higher educational level. 

So do they need to now spend more time in "general" courses, or are they on a different path? If this feels right for you, we would highly recommend the book, 'Skip College' by Connor Boyack. Two of the Bartlett children have Masters, one is a very successful entrepreneur who decided not to finish his university degree and the youngest also left the university life to pursue an internship and career in dentistry. There is no right or wrong path and exploring trades through internships or trade schools often provide more income with little or no debt. 

In reality, Simplified Homeschooling will take you and your child from the beginnings of homeschooling to whatever end you desire, from any starting point to any finishing point you want. This is why it is such a value. Nowhere will you find this much help for such a small investment. With homeschooling on the minds of so many parents, you will be the ones who succeed because of the investment you made beforehand. 

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