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Reminder: Don't forget to get the cost reimbursed through State Government reimbursement or Grants

You will need to sign into the site to check out. If your aren't a site member, it is quick and free to join. 

Thank you for your purchase. Whether you are purchasing one course or a Lifetime membership, we want to be there for you on your homeschooling journey. 

*Remember, you can purchase items separately or you can have access to everything and so much more for a one time, payment of $249.99.       

  • Membership

    Lifetime Access Homeschool Conf. Special

    Onetime, Lifetime access to all of the Learning Center
    • Great Way To Start and Continue Your Journey
    • Over $3000 Value and Growing
    • Access More Free Material
    • Your Price For Life
    • Learn to Travel the World for Free
    • All Future Courses
  • Course 1 - Success

    The one course every new homeschool parent must watch (Included FREE with membership)
    • This is the single most important step for success
    • Want less stress in your homeschooling?
    • Want the entire family to be on the same page?
    • Are you ready for a homeschooling life that will transform?
    • Both you and your kids have been on this treadmill for years
    • Learn how and why you need to get off it
    • Bonus module on Socialization
  • Course 2 - Parenting

    Gently Raising Responsible Kids (Included FREE with membership)
    • Module 1 - How to teach Children Responsibility
    • Module 2 - Family Work and Chores
    • Module 3 - Cooperation, Ownership and Self Motivation
    • Module 4 - Stop the Arguing and Complaining
    • Module 5 - Stop the Blaming and Excuses
    • Module 6 - Dealing With a Difficult Child
    • Bonus!
  • Christmas Curriculum

    Take the Holidays off and let us create your curriculum! (Included FREE with membership)
    • Done for you, Christ centered curriculum
    • All the supporting documents
    • Instructional videos for each lesson
    • Fun facts
    • Interactive games
  • Reading Program

    Direct Route To Reading teaches children sounds, not names..... (Included FREE with membership)
    • Parent instruction book
    • Flash Cards
    • Animal Routes
    • Animal Letters
    • Coloring Pages
    • Extension Activities & Movements
    • Child's Workbook
    • Lyrics
    • Interactive animated videos
    • Purchased access at -
    • Included in paid membership or sold separately
  • Homeschool Summit

    Simplified Homeschooling Summit (Included FREE with membership)
    • 17 internationally speakers with 16+ hours of content
    • Richard Paul Evans, Rachel DeMille, Nicholeen Peck
    • Julie Bogart, Leslie Householder, Natalie Reeve, Meg Thomas
    • Amanda Cooper, Melia Rios-Lazo, Patti Rokus, Dale Bartlett
    • Michelle Bartlett, Mindi Eldredge, Nicole Shiffler,
    • Rachel Holloway, Alana Chernecki, Julia Warren
    • Topics range from - The Importance of Books,
    • Training the Hearts of our Children, Creating a Big Juicy
    • Life For Your Brave Learner at Home and beyond
    • Homeschooling With Vision, Harmony and Excellence
    • And so much more

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