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        Access to the 2021 Summit

        Access to the Simplified Homeschool Standard Platform -

          Full Learning Center Access (All courses, Christmas Curriculum, Mom care and more)

          Join other homeschooling parents learning how to set up their homeschooling experience

          Over 50 Learning video modules 

          Including how to travel the world for free

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BONUS 1:  Free download of "Anyone Can Do It - Homeschool Simplified" ebook

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  • Membership

    Lifetime Access

    Onetime, Lifetime access to all of the Learning Center
    • Great Way To Start and Continue Your Journey
    • Over $3000 Value and Growing
    • Access More Free Material
    • Your Price For Life
    • Learn to Travel the World for Free
    • All Future Courses
  • Course 1 - Success

    The one course every new homeschool parent must watch
    • This is the single most important step for success
    • Want less stress in your homeschooling?
    • Want the entire family to be on the same page?
    • Are you ready for a homeschooling life that will transform?
    • Both you and your kids have been on this treadmill for years
    • Learn how and why you need to get off it
    • Bonus module on Socialization
  • Course 2 - Parenting

    Gently Raising Responsible Kids
    • Module 1 - How to teach Children Responsibility
    • Module 2 - Family Work and Chores
    • Module 3 - Cooperation, Ownership and Self Motivation
    • Module 4 - Stop the Arguing and Complaining
    • Module 5 - Stop the Blaming and Excuses
    • Module 6 - Dealing With a Difficult Child
    • Bonus!
  • Reading Program

    Direct Route To Reading teaches children sounds, not names
    • Parent instruction book
    • Flash Cards
    • Animal Routes
    • Animal Letters
    • Coloring Pages
    • Extension Activities & Movements
    • Child's Workbook
    • Lyrics
    • Interactive animated videos
    • Purchased access at -
  • Homeschool Summit

    Simplified Homeschooling Summit
    • 17 internationally speakers with 16+ hours of content
    • Richard Paul Evans, Rachel DeMille, Nicholeen Peck
    • Julie Bogart, Leslie Householder, Natalie Reeve, Meg Thomas
    • Amanda Cooper, Melia Rios-Lazo, Patti Rokus, Dale Bartlett
    • Michelle Bartlett, Mindi Eldredge, Nicole Shiffler,
    • Rachel Holloway, Alana Chernecki, Julia Warren
    • Topics range from - The Importance of Books,
    • Training the Hearts of our Children, Creating a Big Juicy
    • Life For Your Brave Learner at Home and beyond
    • Homeschooling With Vision, Harmony and Excellence
    • And so much more