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"I want to thank you again sincerely so much. It is the absolute most helpful information I have ever seen about homeschooling. I have seen many, read books and even participated in co-ops, and this was by far the best resource I have ever seen. You are so thorough, and the free packets with resources to reference as you speak is super helpful. What you are doing is amazing in sharing what you hav tried and what works, but more importantly, how to implement them. Simply Wonderful" - Becky J


We couldn't have said it any better and we thank Becky for her insight on what she has gained from Natalie and Simplified Homeschooling.

Simplified homeschooling is the place for new homeschool parents to come and fully understand how to start on this amazing journey. It has also become a refuge for those who started and who have struggled in the core steps of a more simplified and successful adventure. 


We are a community with a Facebook page to stay informed, a Facebook group to interact and this amazing website all to help you as a homeschooling family get the most out of your journey. 

We have brought in experts on sensitive topics, amazing content you will not find anywhere else that will unleash your child's brain and get them to think about this world in a whole new way. (homeschool through travel) Please join us as we change the face of education, back to what is should be, home-based, safe and free to teach real life again. 


Meet Natalie

Mom, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Homeschool Mom & Coach

Natalie knew at five years of age, she wanted to be a teacher.  In 2005, she graduated with a degree  Elementary Education from BYU.

She taught all grade levels from preschool through fifth grade, including running her own preschool for three years. She also taught at a specialty private school for children with Dyslexia and has received specialized training in Slingerland, an Orton-Gillingham Method for teaching literacy.  

In 2009, she attended a non-traditional university called George Whythe University, founded by Oliver DeMille.  She began a Master’s in Education which led to a conviction that classroom life offers the least desirable childhood for children.  A passion for non-traditional forms of educating began to brew.

Upon becoming a mother to twins in 2011, her teaching career ended. She immediately began researching and studying everything she could about homeschool. She believes homeschool is the greatest gift a mother can be given; the gift to slow down, be present, observe all the little learning moments, and grow alongside her child.  As well as, the greatest gift a mother can offer her own children; the freedom to be oneself, to follow a passion to the fullest extent possible, to chart ones course, to move at a custom pace, and to come to know oneself. 

Natalie is married her amazingly supportive husband, Dan.  They are parents to five incredible children and reside in Utah.

Natalie's Homeschooling Journey

Natalie's Homeschooling Journey

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Meet Michelle

Mom, Wife, Author, Speaker, Homeschool Mom & Coach