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What are the laws in my State Regarding Homeschooling? 

All 50 States allow for homeschooling. Many have very open laws governing homeschooling while others have restrictions that must be followed. The best resource for this is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Click the link below to connect to their website. 

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Does My State Provide funding for Homeschooling? 

Many states provide parents with funding if they homeschool. These funds can be used for activities, trips, school products and even to reimburse you for memberships like Simplified Homeschooling. Click the link below to see if your state provides financial assistance to homeschool families.  Funding can change each year, so get involved with your local homeschooling association as well. 

Free Parent Help

Are you questioning if you can homeschool? Read our free ebook, and find the answers you are looking for. There are many thoughts on why you can't homeschool, let us show you that most of them can be overcome once you have the right information. 

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Free Class

Want to get a glimpse into the best way to start homeschooling and what Simplified Homeschooling is all about? 

Here is the first module of our first course, "Getting Off The Treadmill". It will give you an introduction of how important this step is to homeschooling success. 

What is my child's Learning Personality?

What is my child's Learning Personality?
Understanding your child's learning personality allows you to better understand how they learn. Once you understand your child's personality, you are on the path to customized teaching. It allows you to find the right teaching style for your child so they both understand and enjoy learning.

This doesn't mean you need to always teach this way, but when they are having a difficult time understanding, teach the way they learn and you will get amazing results. 

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Virtual Team Meeting

Online Community 

Join us on our own online social media platform. We know it takes a lot to move to a new platform, but join those who are of like mind. Create your own group and chat with others about topics important to you without the noise. 

Free Interview Series

Listen to amazing homeschool moms, influencers and great ideas to improve your homeschooling. Our interview series is one of our most valuable assets to you. It provides insights and knowledge that is found nowhere else. These are great to listen to in the car or just when relaxing and thinking up new ideas to improve your homeschoo


Free Curriculum

New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Richard Paul Evans - Michael Vey Curriculum

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Free Books

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