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Simplified homeschooling is the place for new homeschool parents to come and fully understand how to start on this amazing journey. It has also become a refuge for those who started and who have struggled in the core steps of a more simplified and successful adventure. 

  • The Parent Resource Hub is designed for parents by parents. You get to benefit from our 25 years plus experience to help simplify the homeschooling process.

  • We help you through the entire transformation process starting with the transition from traditional school to how to get your children into college as a homeschooler. 

  • Our courses are designed to give you peace of mind and the knowledge to get you over the tough times and excel when things are going good. 

  • The Simplified Homeschooling Parent Resource Hub will take the worry and stress out of your homeschooling by giving you the tools you need whether you are a former teacher, stay at home mom, if you have a college degree or simply a high school diploma. 

  • Join the 5 million plus homeschoolers and let us help you create the success you are looking for. 

Abstract Clouds


"Getting Off The Treadmill"

Whether you know it or not, traditional schooling puts both you and your children on a treadmill. The worst part about it is that they have all the controls. They tell you when to wake up, when to drive to school, how many times you need to drive to school, (dropoff, pickup, forgotten homework, lunch, PTA...) One of the most difficult transition points from traditional school to homeschool is learning how to get off that treadmill and not bring it into your homeschooling. In these modules you will not only learn how to get off, but how to stay off and how long it can take.

"Gently Raising Responsible kids"

This is not just your process. You need both buy in and cooperation from your children. In this course, we will teach you ways to gain that cooperation to the point where they will want to take responcibilty for their education. Children will learn that, if they disagree they need to do it in the correct way. Remember, your relationship with your children is the most important thing. This keeps the relationship strong and the arguments minimal.


"Creating The Right Environment"

Your home now becomes a learning center and a home. How do you combine the two so that learning is everywhere and you maintain a comfortable and inviting home? Setting up your home is as important as anything else you do but it isn't just the physical home, it is the atmosphere. What governs the learning? How do you set up the mission, Culture and Priorities? This is what this course is all about. We will step you thorugh what and how to create the right enviroment that fits the new homeschooling life you desire.


"Understanding Your Child's Learning Personality"

How does your child learn? Many times when a child is struggling, it is because they are not processing the information in they way they learn. This course, along with a learning personality quiz will help you figure out the type of learning your child is.

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