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Full 12 Days of Christmas - Buy these separately for $103 (7.95 each) As a full collection for $89.99 or Free for paid members. 

When December comes, many homeschooling families are in need of a break. These 12 Days of Christmas videos and worksheets are the perfect, Christ centered break many are looking for. 

Once purchased, you will receive the full 91 page download and a link to the instructional videos. So many families have found so much fun, joy and have found a greater meaning in Christmas along with a more peaceful environment as they follow these lessons. 

Direct Route To Reading - Complete language course for beginning readers 


Direct Route To Reading is a fun interactive way to learn letters, sounds, reading and writing.


It is specifically designed to  engage your child's mind in the process of understanding their letters in a fun, interactive and repetitive way.


Fall in love with the songs and each character and learn in a natural, simple way.

Comes complete with parent instruction booklet, interactive videos for each letter, child workbook, flashcards, puppet show scripts and lyrics, enrichment activities and more...