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Maintaining Relationships

This is the most important thing you will ever do in your homeschooling journey. It is why we spend so much time helping you find ways to improve and strengthen all of the relationships. It isn't just the relationship with your children but also the relationship you have with your spouse and the relationship your children have with one another. 

With the help of Simplified Homeschooling, your relationship with your children will not only grow, but it is also the key to the success you will have as a homeschooling family. Read, and see that the parent/child relationship is the foundation of all that we do. 

A Symbiotic Relationship

We know that we are all connected and families are even more connected. There are often points of contention when Mom and Dad are performing their roles as parents, but now the concern shifts when they take on the new role of "teacher". What most parents don't realize is that they have been in this role throughout their child's life. Who taught them how to talk? Walk? Eat? Tie their shoes? Ride a bike? Learn their numbers and colors, and the list goes on and on. The difference is that this learning took place naturally. It didn't take a classroom, and each child was able to learn at their own pace without pressure or shame. It was done in love, patience and understanding and you protected your relationship at all cost. When a tension occured, you may have stopped the learning and focused back on the relationship. 

This is our main focus with all parents who are beginning this journey. To help them see the importance of the relationship. Helping to ensure the learning is provided in a natural way where the children see it as exciting and that they are part of the process. This will take away many of the relationship issues that can and will arise. 

Course 2, "Gently Raising Responsible Kids" is key to the child's role in the relationship. It teaches them how to govern themselves in all situations and especially with you in this new learning environment. This is something that is very difficult to teach in a traditional school environment. When children learn they can respectfully disagree and a dialog can happen calmly and to a mutual understanding, they thrive as they feel they are heard even when the outcome isn't what they want.


In a classroom, the teacher doesn't have time to give that personal freedom to each child. Children show up, sit down and shut up until called upon. Learning takes place, but at what cost? Additionally, this is not the type of relationship you want your children to learn. It maybe good for a future in the military, but not in a home or future work environment. Children are taught obedience, but not collaboration. Self governance is far more valuable than blind obedience and working one on one with your child through difficult problems teaches far more and builds lasting relationships. 


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