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Personal Time

Is this picture you or just something you hope for? Most moms are up early, hauling kids to school, someone forgot something, so there is often a second trip. Home, to get ready for the day just in time to pick up or take the kindergartner, then a few errands, Maybe volunteer at the school then pick the kids up, take them to their after school activities and home to make dinner, homework and to bed. Every now and then you get to look like this picture, but not as often as you think. 

Many Moms have expressed how much extra time they have while homeschooling. They also realize that keeping an active post school schedule doesn't fit in their lifestyle after a while. All Moms are different and some just run no matter what, but homeschooling allows you more freedom and you get control back to enjoy the things that are important to you and your family. 

Oh the myths of homeschooling. More moms than not, find that they have more personal time homeschooling, but more importantly they have more quality family time. If you want to be the school bus driver, the classroom volunteer for each of your children, the carpool person for the after school activities, the PTA helper, cookie bazar hostess, keep them in school and keep yourself on that traditional school treadm. 

Mom Care

We are very aware of the tug of war that goes on in a mother's life. We've been there and have done it while homeschooling. That is why we are so passionately trying to get the Mom care section of the website up and going as quickly as possible. 

This will be a place that provides you with the best ways to care for you., mentally and physically. It will also help keep your family healthy and happy which will also reduce stress for you. We have already begun women retreats and we plan on having more around the country. There will be ways to help you cook less but have more nutritious meals available for your family. We will provide you with meditation and show you how to even sneak away for an elusive nap, if that what you need.  We have been sharing much of this in our stories on Instagram and Facebook. 

The Mom Care section of the website by itself will be worth the cost of a lifetime membership. It will be the place you go to recharge and there will be times you will need to. 

Homeschool is also unique in that it isn't 9 to 4 Monday through Friday. If you want or need to take a day off, you can. Some have even taken a month off and just had family time. Some have taken it on the road for a year or more, sometimes homeschooling, and exploring the rest. You are right if you think your life will never be the same. It won't... It will be better.

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