Simplified Homeschooling is the parents curriculum. It is designed to teach you all of the best practices to help create success. But what about your children? The best part of homeschooling these days is there is no lack of available curriculum. Infact, there is so much available your biggest problem will be figuring out which one to use. And this is the point. You need to figure this part out and some of it is through trial and error, asking other homeschool parents for recommendations and maybe it will come down to you creating your own! If you do, we're going to give you a place to sell it!!! 

What's available, and what
should I start with? 

When you first start, don't go overboard with curriculum. Start with a good challenging math program, a good language arts and then learning tools that are appropriate for your children's ages. Learning should be more about exploring at first than "rote".


We need to first instill in our children a love of learning and then they will want to learn. This leads to self guided learning about any subject. During the first year of your homeschool, if a child reads and then writes about what they understood or what that book made them think about, you are well on your way. Introducing the next steps will then be much easier. 

Math programs can be online or using a workbook. There are many online testing places to make sure you have one that is right for where your child is now. 

As for reading, the classics are always a good start. Read with your child or if they are old enough, they can read on their own. Writing about the book and how it made them think, promotes creativity and writing skills. Also find books that interest your child. If they love the characters or story they will read more. 

You can use holidays to learn about cultures and traditions. We have developed a 12 Days of Christmas Learning curriculum that is fun, engaging and easily done for you with instructional videos and lots of interaction. 

We have also teamed up with New York Times #1 Author, Richard Paul Evans with his Michael Vey, young adult book series. The curriculum is free, all you have to do is buy the books. These have been a favorite of our children. 

Natalie Reeve has revolutionized how your teach your children to read in her reading course, Direct Route to Reading. When certain letters are grouped together, they are easier for the child to learn and remember. Each grouping has a theme and as your child learns words, they will use the groups to help them better sound out the words in a more natural way. The program comes with fun interactive videos and children fall in love with the characters. It also includes, instruction books, flashcards, animal routes, animal letters, coloring pages, extension activities & movements, child's workbook, Lyrics and more. 

These are only a few Ideas about curriculum. Once you catch the true nature of homeschooling you will see that everything has a learning opportunity with it. 

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Full Curriculum $89


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We are always looking for new and different curriculum to put in our store. If you have any or know of anyone, let us know. 

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