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Can anyone Homeschool? 

The answer in the majority of families is yes. There are even families where both parents work who homeschool. Most people think of homeschool as, "traditional school" brought home and nothing could be further from the truth.


Homeschooling is customizing the learning experience to fit your children and your family. It could and should include outside mentors and tutors as well as using the resources you as a parent have. 

How do I remove my doubts and fears?

When Dale and Michelle started, they had no clue where to begin. Neither had any formal education past high school. Michelle felt inadequate because she didn't have a teaching degree and wondered if she would do more harm than good. Their oldest was 13 when they started with the youngest being 3.


It's sometimes hard to see the end from the beginning and often you are too scared to take that first step, at least we were. To many the expectations are as high as the fear of failure but their story turned out amazing in so many ways. In less than 3 years their oldest at age 16, not only was ready for college but received a 4 year, full ride academic scholarship to the University with no GED or high school diploma. Their second son did the same thing at age 15 with the other two entering college at 17. 

When they began, there was far fewer resources and no internet. So how did they do it? They jumped in with both feet and learned to quickly alleviate the fears and ignore the naysayers. 

In their. book, "Anyone Can Do It.! Homeschool Simplified", Natalie and Michelle walk you through the doubts and fears that most parents have and show you that yes, everyone can do this!

The biggest fear is to just make the commitment to start. The action you take will either instill that fear or remove it, depending on what you do. Simplified Homeschooling is designed to help you take the right action to alleviate the fear of starting. Trust us... It gets much easier after that first step. 

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