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We simplify the complex, we breakdown the myths and make it make sense so that any family can start homeschooling and have success. 

Education is not preparation for life - education is life itself. - John Dewey

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In 2020 Massachusetts jumped from 1.5% of families homeschooling to 12.1% (over 700% increase). The Average among all states saw a doubling of families homeschooling. Not school at home, but actually leaving the system and homeschooling*

Are you ready to Join the movement? 

What really is homeschool, and can I do it?

Homeschooling is a unique educational experience where parent and child collaborate in progression of the knowledge and skill development of each child. 


The home environment and family structure are particularly suited for personal development in emotional, academic, social, and physical excellence.  Essentially all that is needed is the beginnings of a full bookshelf, writing materials, and familial relationships... 

What stops so many?

We are willing to bet that you would do just about anything for your child’s success.  As a parent you have an internal desire to set your children on the best future path.  This explains why you are a taxi driver, transporting your children here and there to learn from experts. When hurdles arise, you start thinking outside-the-box, connect with people to solve issues that stand in your child’s way.

But when someone says, “Homeschooling is beneficial for your child,” your instinct is to throw your hands up in the air and say “I can’t!  I can’t!”  There is likely only one reason for this reaction: FEAR!

Where do I Start?

This just might be the scariest thing you will ever do besides starting a family in the first place.  We get it!!!  As homeschool moms, we’ve been there, standing in those same shoes wondering where to start.

At the time that Michelle started homeschooling, her children were all doing very well in the public system. They had great grades and good friends.  But she and her husband were looking for more - a better way to help them achieve their academic goals...

I’m in but… What About Socialization?

Time and time again as homeschoolers, we run into the same critical stumbling block.  “But what about socialization?”

Natalie and her husband significantly struggled with such issues.  It was the one thing that could have stopped them.  They just felt they could not replicate the social opportunities and interpersonal skills learned at school.  And the more Natalie thought about it, she realized she was right! They couldn't duplicate it, they could and did make it better... 

Homeschooling is the one thing you can do to improve your child's education and it’s easier than you think! 


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