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What makes Simplified Homeschooling different than other homeschool sites? We have developed this site for homeschool parents! We have created a learning center so you can gain insight and ideas that guide you through five core steps to homeschool success while greatly reducing your stress. 


We offer a variety of avenues to take your homeschool to the next level, prepare for college, or chart a course to success outside of college.


A place for homeschool parents to connect freely with one another to ask questions, collaborate, plan meet-ups, and share their ideas.  

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Who are we?


Meet Natalie

Mom, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Homeschool Mom & Coach

Natalie knew at five years of age, she wanted to be a teacher.  In 2005, she graduated with a degree  Elementary Education from BYU.

She taught all grade levels from preschool through fifth grade, including running her own preschool for three years. She also taught at a specialty private school for children with Dyslexia and has received specialized training in Slingerland, an Orton-Gillingham Method for teaching literacy.  

In 2009, she attended a non-traditional university called George Whythe University, founded by Oliver DeMille.  She began a Master’s in Education which led to a conviction that classroom life offers the least desirable childhood for children.  A passion for non-traditional forms of educating began to brew.

Upon becoming a mother to twins in 2011, her teaching career ended. She immediately began researching and studying everything she could about homeschool. She believes homeschool is the greatest gift a mother can be given; the gift to slow down, be present, observe all the little learning moments, and grow alongside her child.  As well as, the greatest gift a mother can offer her own children; the freedom to be oneself, to follow a passion to the fullest extent possible, to chart ones course, to move at a custom pace, and to come to know oneself. 

Natalie is married her amazingly supportive husband, Dan.  They are parents to five incredible children and reside in Utah.

Meet Michelle

Mom, Wife, Author, Speaker, Homeschool Mom & Coach

Michelle is a mother of four grown children and a grandmother to five. Her passion for learning led her to homeschool when her oldest was thirteen and her youngest was three. In three years her oldest daughter received a full four year scholarship without a diploma or GED to Utah State University at age sixteen, her oldest son followed at age fifteen, and the two younger siblings joined them at age seventeen. They have gone on to get their Master's and Michelle often brags that her children have more education than she does (She has no formal schooling past High School).

Let Michelle take you through her journey as a homeschool Mom and give you the hope that you can do this, it isn't as difficult as you think. She will also share her passion of incorporating travel and humanitarian trips into learning

Now that Michelle has finished that chapter of her life, she has moved on to helping people live a healthy and happier life through nutrition, (Naturally Michelle) teaching them how to travel the world for just the cost of food and fun (TravelingU, Author of three travel books) and helping mothers homeschool their families (Simplified Homeschooling). 


How We Can Help

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What Others Are Saying

"I have seen several programs, read the books and even participated in co-ops, and this is by far the best resource I have ever seen." 

Becky J

"It took me three years to discover a teaching method for my son that Natalie explained in 6 minutes. There is so much value in this site.


I can't imagine the time saving this will bring to a new mom homeschooling. Thank you" 

Megan B


"Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you are doing. It is life changing!"

LaNae O

I Just wanted to thank you... This has made a huge difference in my confidence to teach my children. In fact, I have never felt more joy doing anything else.


Seeing my children learning and thriving without having to worry about peer pressure and going at our own pace is incredibly rewarding. Thank you x1000

Evita W

I think there are so many moms, myself included who have felt the desire to homeschool but it feels so overwhelming that they don't do anything about it. This is the reason so many people need to learn from your understanding, knowledge, and guidance.

This is amazing!

Kim D


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