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Simplified Homeschooling is the most unique website for homeschooling parents ever! We will teach you in the most simple way how to homeschool like a pro from the very first day. We will take away the stress, the anxiety, the unknown so that you will have success and joy in bringing your children home. 

Our training, (Learning Center) are short, easy to listen to or watch amazing videos that explain what to do before you begin. How to set up the right environment in your home, how to help your children become self learners and take responsibility for their learning and so much more. Each training course is packed full of important knowledge from those who have been successful and whose children have excelled while homeschooling. 

Most importantly, this is all about you the parent because if we can get you on the right track, teaching your children at home will be the most rewarding thing your family has ever done. 

We know you have questions, let us answer a few of the most common

What about socialization?

This is the most common and the most misunderstood. See what true socialization is. How it relates to children and how those who are homeschooled have more social opportunities than their traditional school counterparts. 

Can anyone homeschool?

Learn that there are very few reasons why you can't homeschool. There are so many different ways to fit this into your family life and the rewards... Let's just say, each of the unique ways are priceless. 

How do I maintain our child/parent

With the help of Simplified Homeschooling, your relationship with your children will not only grow, but it is also the key to the success you will have as a homeschooling family. Read, and see that the parent/child relationship is the foundation of all that we do. 

How do I set up the right
environment in my home?

As many found out during the school lockdowns, school at home is usually a disaster. See what it takes to have order in your home. How to set boundaries, get children to do chores and not argue. Create and environment where they love learning and don't fight against you as a parent or as their teacher. 

What are the first steps to begin homeschooling?

You know the saying, the first step is the hardest step you'll take. Not when you are following someones proven footsteps. These are the proven solutions and help you get. From changing your mindset of what homeschooling is all about to sending them off to college if that is your goal. 

What do I do for curriculum?

See why so many stress about what to teach and try to start with it first. Curriculum should be the least of your worries. We help you set up the how and the why then you can focus on the what much better. There is so much available, your bigger issue will be that you will want to all of it. We show you how and where to focus based on your child's needs. 

Do I lose my personal time? 

Oh the myths of homeschooling. More moms than not, find that they have more personal time homeschooling, but more importantly they have more quality family time. If you want to be the school bus driver, the classroom volunteer for each of your children, the carpool person for the after school activities, the PTA helper, cookie bazar hostess, keep them in school and tie yourself to the schools schedule. 

What if my child wants to attend university?

Want to know a secret? Homeschool children out score traditional school children on college entrance exams. If college is right for your child, we can show you step by step how to apply and get scholarships even without a GED or high school diploma. How do we know? We've done it! 

Upcoming Events

It is summer! Right now we have no scheduled events. Come back often to see if any are added especially as summer winds down. 

Parents have always had the greatest impact
on their child's learning and development

We provide you as a parent with the tools and support you need to make homeschooling your children a success.

  • We help you to keep your child motivated and engaged in learning

  • We help you create children who want to learn from you without the fight

  • We help you bring out your child’s potential

  • We help you to provide an education that is aligned with your values

  • We help you make the most important change in your child's life 

It shouldn’t be difficult to retake the lead in your family’s education.
The Simplified Homeschooling Learning Center is here to help you make it simple.

Choose the Training That Best Fits Your Family


We provide deep insights into homeschooling and help create effective strategies that result in success. This is done through helping parents set up their home environment, how to gently raise responsible kids, how to understand your child's learning styles, what teaching style is best for your child, setting up your core teaching methods and more. All for a one time, lifetime cost. 


If you feel you have a pretty good footing, and you need to purchase just a few courses that will help in the areas you need, we can do that too. Once you purchase a course, it is yours for life. Come back and review it as often as needed. 


If you've been homeschooling and feel you have most things covered, you can still be a part of our community. With free curriculum, our interview series and social community groups. Through these, you will learn new ideas that you can incorporate into your personal homeschooling.

Why others have joined Simplified Homeschooling 

"I have seen several programs, read the books and even participated in co-ops, and this is by far the best resource I have ever seen." 

Becky J

The Founders of Simplified Homeschooling

The founders have an intense passion to help others. this comes from their first hand knowledge of the positive impact that home education has played in their personal family journey. It is the most rewarding experience they have ever had with their family and they hope your family will have the same experience. 


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