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What about socialization? 

Out of nearly 100 studies, most showed that homeschoolers do not suffer in comparison with their conventionally-schooled counterparts across a range of social skills. (Kunzman, 2020)

Watch this video and find out why.

Interview Series:
Real life
experiences from homeschool parents.

Weekly interviews with homeschoolers from around the country. Listen to how their families have benefited with the added bonus of gleaning from their experiences.


The one course to solidify your success!

Unsure of where to start. Getting of the public school treadmill is the most important course you can take. It will mean the difference of success and failure and will eliminate years of struggle. 


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What are the experts saying about homeschooling?

Hear from 17 internationally renowned speakers with 16+ hours of content.

Subjects include -The Importance of Books -Training the Hearts of our Children - Homeschooling With Vision, Harmony and Excellence - What the Developing Brain Needs - Cultivating a Love of Learning and more

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Once you have purchased the summit, you will gain access through the learning center. 

Unique Courses designed by Simplified Homeschooling

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Core Parent Courses

Course 1 - Getting off the treadmill
The one course everyone homeschooling must watch.  - $39.95

Course 2 - Gently Raising Responsible Kids
Want to train a child that is self motivated and understands how  govern themselves?  
Coming soon 


Course 3 - Creating the right environment
Course 4 - Understand your child's personality
Course 5 - Learn the teaching styles
Course 6 - Setup teaching methods and plan
Course 7 - Bring learning alive

plus much more - Only available to Lifetime members

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Homeschooling has more than doubled to over 5 million homeschoolers in 2021 from 2019.

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Proceeds of your membership go to support abused and abandoned children.

The Founders of Simplified Homeschooling.

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Natalie & Dan Reeve


Michelle & Dale Bartlett

What Others Are Saying

Begin your journey with 5 core steps

"I have seen several programs, read the books and even participated in co-ops, and this is by far the best resource I have ever seen." 

Becky J

"It took me three years to discover a teaching method for my son that Natalie explained in 6 minutes. There is so much value in this site.


I can't imagine the time saving this will bring to a new mom homeschooling. Thank you" 

Megan B


"Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you are doing. It is life changing!"

LaNae O

I Just wanted to thank you... This has made a huge difference in my confidence to teach my children. In fact, I have never felt more joy doing anything else.


Seeing my children learning and thriving without having to worry about peer pressure and going at our own pace is incredibly rewarding. Thank you x1000

Evita W

I think there are so many moms, myself included who have felt the desire to homeschool but it feels so overwhelming that they don't do anything about it. This is the reason so many people need to learn from your understanding, knowledge, and guidance.

This is amazing!

Kim D


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