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Course 1 - Getting off the Treadmill
(12 days of Savings Price - $4.99)


What many don't realize is how much of a hold traditional schooling has on our lives. We are told when to wake up, when to eat, when to have the kids at school, when to pick them up... Every aspect of our day revolves around a schedule you didn't set and all we do is run, run, run. If you think this is bad, think of the treadmill your children are on during this time?


We want to give you a glimpse into why so many families have turned to Simplified Homeschooling to help bring their children home. Course 1 has 8 video/audio modules that walk you through the first step of homeschooling, or getting off that traditional school treadmill.


We are offering you this course for only $4.99. Regularly $39.99. We believe you will quickly see the value in it and the 6 additional courses of the Lifetime Membership. Who knows, you may want to jump in as you will realize what many have, that they have more time with your children and more time for themselves. You will be incharge as you create your own schedule based on your family's needs.

Regular Price $39.99 (Sale $4.99)

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