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Richard Paul Evans

New York Times #1 Author

Topic - The Importance of Books

Richard Paul Evans is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty novels. There are currently more than thirty-five million copies of his books in print worldwide, translated into more than twenty-four languages. Richard has won the American Mothers Book Award, two first place Storytelling World Awards, The Romantic Times Best Women’s Novel of the Year Award, the German Leserpreis Gold Award for Romance and five time recipient of the Religion Communicator’s Council’s Wilbur Awards. Seven of Richard’s books have been produced as television movies.


Richard has a special talent that bring hope and redemption in each of his characters. His unique way he weaves real life and struggles into his stories gives you the incredible sence of purpose to your life and that no matter what the struggle, there is a higher power guiding you through. 

In 2011 Richard began writing Michael Vey, a #1 New York Times bestselling Young Adult series which has won multiple awards. Children, especially those with challenging lives not only relate but find hope as the most unlikely boy becomes the hero. His curriculum for this book series is available on Simplified Homeschooling. This and other Books by Richard are available on Amazon.


Julie Bogart

Brave Writer

Topic - Creating a Big Juicy Life For Your Brave Learner at Home and Beyond

Julie grew up in southern California, attended UCLA (Bachelor's in history, 1983), studied abroad in France, spent a summer in Democratic Republic of Congo, lived in Morocco for four years, and earned her Master's in theology from Xavier University (2007).


She has five kids and homeschooled them for seventeen years. Julie's professional writing credentials include ghostwriting, freelance writing, editing books, operating as the senior editor for a quarterly industry publication, and writing a weekly column for United Press International.

Julie has written Brave Writer's Home Study Courses and has written or supervised the writing of all other Brave Writer products. Her work in Brave Writer was recognized as an "outstanding contribution to society" in 2017 when she was awarded the Anne E. and William F. Madges Alumni Award from Xavier University.

Julie's homeschool credentials include ten years teaching theater and writing for her Cincinnati homeschool co-op of 300 students, four year membership in the steering committee of a local Charlotte Mason organization, speaking in the US, UK, and Canada at homeschool conventions, and hosting Brave Writer events all over the United States. Brave Writer opened its doors in January 2000 and has taught tens of thousands of families from all around the globe. Today, she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she enjoys swimming, PG tips tea every morning, and traveling to visit my globe-trotting kids.


Nicholeen Peck

Teaching Self Government

Topic - Training the Hearts of our Children

Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and leader — and for good reason! Her proven system based upon calmness, the principles of self-government, and good communication transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes from chaos to calm within days. The world witnessed this in 2009 when the Peck family was featured on a one hour BBC documentary about parenting where 2 troubled British teens came to say in their home for 8 days. After 2 days the teens stopped rebelling, and by the end of the program begged not to leave the Peck family. She has appeared on various news shows and radio programs to discuss effective parenting. She’s a popular public speaker, author of the international book, Parenting a House United, and many other books including Roles, Londyn LaRae Says Okay, Porter Earns A Quarter, Big Win For Quin, Paije Takes the Stage, Popular Parenting Methods, and more. She has also written many magazine articles, and articles for this website.

Though she’s an international speaker, author, mentor, former foster parent of many difficult and troubled teens, and even President of the Worldwide Organization for Women (an approved consultant for the United Nations), Nicholeen spends most of her time at home with her husband and four children, which she knows will be her greatest impact and legacy. The fact that she has such an international influence while still being a stay-at-home mom is evidence of the effectiveness of her teachings. 


Rachel DeMille

Mom - Author - Speaker

Topic - Homeschooling With Vision, Harmony and Excellence:

Heal Your Family; Heal the World

Can we have a first family of homeschooling? If so, the DeMille's would be it.


Rachel DeMille’s presentation is not only visionary and uplifting, it’s practical and empowering. She’s prepared to seriously elevate you — and your family’s homeschool — because for the past 30 years, she and her husband have been doing exactly what they’re suggesting. Their 8 kids have all grown up with these principles and practices, and they are loving, energetic, innovative, ethical, compassionate and down-right fun to be around. Their 9 (and counting) grandkids are now the ultimate proof in the pudding as their Leadership Education (TJEd) lifestyle continues to bear fruit. Find your best home, your best family, your best homeschool, with the simple, proven steps and tools she outlines.

Rachel is the co-author of Leadership Education: "The Phases of Learning", the audio series "Core and Love of Learning", "A Recipe for Success", and the author of the award-winning educational resource, "This Week in History." She is an accomplished musician, writer, literary editor, public speaker, consultant and momschool organizer.


Natalie Reeve

Chief Content Officer

Simplified Homeschooling

Mom - Author - Speaker 

Topic - Teaching Reading to Children

Topic - What the Developing Brain Needs, That They Don't Get in the Classroom

Natalie knew at five years of age, she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up!  She had no idea her files upon files of “FUN” teaching ideas, collected throughout childhood and beyond, would primarily be used to teach her own children!  

After overcoming the majority of difficulties associated with Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorder, she attended BYU-Idaho.  In 2005, Natalie graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

She has taught all grade levels from K through 5, as well ran her own preschool for three years. She also taught at a specialty private school for children with Dyslexia and has received specialized training in Slingerland, an Orton-Gillingham Method for teaching literacy.  

In 2009, she began a Master’s in Education program and this led her to see that the classroom was not an ideal setting for educating children and a passion for non-traditional forms of educating began to brew. She has created a reading curriculum called, Direct Route to Reading, with a desire to help her children thrive and LOVE reading.

Natalie married her amazingly selfless and supportive husband, Dan, in 2008.  They are the parents of Sophie (9), Tessa (9), Eleanor (7), Bennett (5), and Annie (2 1/2) and currently resides in Utah

Dale & Michelle.jpg

Dale & Michelle Bartlett

Authors - Travel Experts

Topic - How Travel Changes Your Child's World and Education

Dale & Michelle Bartlett are the authors of three internationally selling travel books and the owners of TravelingU.  They leveraged their love of travel to help people travel more for much less than most could ever dream. They are best known for their first book, “Have Kids – Will Travel” and for being the family travel experts, but are quickly becoming experts on inexpensive travel for anyone, singles, couples or families. Their latest book is "Amazing Travel - Incredibly Cheap". They have also written, "day trips from salt lake city". 

In 1997, the Bartletts began discovering different ways anyone can travel inexpensively and some even free. Their first trip with their four children to France and England cost them a total of around $4,000.00 including air, hotel, car rental, food, and fun. They have since found ways to cut this, even more, spending three weeks in Europe for less than $2,700.00 for all six of them. They have stayed in Castles, a 400-year-old restored farmhouse in Tuscany and Marriott Hotel’s, all for free. Most importantly they discovered along the way the amazing change travel created in their children's lives having taken them to over 30 countries during their homeschooling experience. 

As acclaimed speakers, the Bartletts have shared the podium with such notable personalities as New York Times Bestselling Author, Richard Paul Evans,  Paula  Fellingham, founder of The Women’s Information Network, noted Author and “Get Away Guru”, Larry Gelwix (real life coach of the team featured in the movie, “Forever Strong”), John Taylor Gatto, Rebecca W. Keller, Ph.D and Alice Fulton-Osborne.

The Bartletts have been featured on television morning shows, radio programs, as well as in multiple newspapers across the country and countless articles in print. 


Meg Thomas

The Hippie Mama

Topic - Creating Peace in Your Home

My name is Meg, The Hippie Mama. I am married to the best guy ever and I am lucky to have seven monkeys, whom I adore. I’m a veteran homeschooling Mama and a lover of all things natural. I also love running, Cross Fit, and playing with my family.


I am a Certified Life Coach, through the Life Coach School, and I specialize in helping homeschooling Mamas. I help Mamas build relationships with their children and create a family culture, so they can teach them anything.


When you are homeschooling, you are with your kids a lot, and if there is screaming, fighting, and complaining and you don't have tools to know what to do, then homeschool isn't going to be much fun for you or them.


I also want you to have success in your homeschool and I give you the tools to create a thriving homeschool and how to create independent learners.


You can have all of this while creating peace in your home and in your heart. It really is possible and I am excited to show you how.


Patti Rokus


Topic -Unlocking The Power of Peace Within: 

Building Self-Worth and Confidence in Your Child (With Melia Rios-Lazo)

Patti Rokus, the rock lady, can’t stop picking up rocks on her hikes throughout the Pacific Northwest. Being outside used to be about the trees, sky and critters, but now it’s all about rocks, because they tell stories, which can be seen in her internationally published books and viral videos. Children and adults all over the world are recreating her art with stones and pebbles of their own – deepening their connection to God and finding peace in our busy world.

As a recovering corporate product manager with companies like Nike and Microsoft, Patti knows what it’s like to feel too busy to prioritize what matters most.  So, she left it all to release her inner artist and find ways to share her love for nature and the Creator.  She’s committed to helping us reconnect to our source and find greater contentment. Her speaking engagements and online presentations are filled with rock art demonstrations and stories of unexpected serendipity that has led to a very unexpected life. She is also a singer/songwriter, a Christian, and a teacher of self-discovery.


Amanda Cooper

Mom, Influencer, Speaker

Topic - The Blessings of a Homeschooling Childhood

Amanda is a wife, homeschool mama of four young children, Young Living Leader, book author, entrepreneur, home designer and interior decorator, cofounder of Flipping for Freedom, and inspirational speaker. 


Amanda’s passion is empowering others to transform their lives, one decision at a time.  She teaches health and wellness classes, along with business coaching all over the nation, but her favorite group to teach is her own four littles. 


She is a second generation homeschooler, with a passion for helping others to create freedom around learning. 


Her enthusiasm is contagious, as she lets her love for wellness, purpose, and abundance spill into every part of her life. 


Michelle Bartlett

Chief Inspiration Officer

Simplified Homeschooling

Mom - Author - Speaker

Topic - Thinking Outside the Box and Teaching Your Children to Think and Learn That Way Too

Michelle is a mother of four grown children and a grandmother to five. Her passion for learning led her to homeschool when her oldest was thirteen and her youngest was three. In three years her oldest daughter received a full four year scholarship without a diploma or GED to Utah State University at age sixteen, her oldest son followed at age fifteen, and the two younger siblings joined them at age seventeen. They have gone on to get their Master's and Michelle often brags that her children have more education than she does (She has no formal schooling past High School).

Let Michelle take you through her journey as a homeschool Mom and give you the hope that you can do this, it isn't as difficult as you think. She will also share her passion of incorporating travel and humanitarian trips into learning. 

Now that Michelle has finished that chapter of her life, she has moved on to helping people live a healthy and happier life through nutrition, (Naturally Michelle) teaching them how to travel the world for just the cost of food and fun (TravelingU, Author of three travel books) and helping mothers homeschool their families (Simplified Homeschooling). 


Mindi Eldredge

Founder - The Mindful Heart

Topic -Cultivating a Love of Learning

Mindi Eldredge is the President and founder of The Mindful Heart (, a new homeschool method and curriculum that guides families in educating heart, mind, body, and spirit. Mindi has a passion for helping children develop a strong love of learning and for helping teens recognize and reach their full potential.


Prior to The Mindful Heart, Mindi created, wrote, and served as Math Director for The Good and Beautiful Math Curriculum. She also wrote five of The Good and Beautiful Science Units. Mindi is a wife and mother to three children. In addition to homeschooling, she enjoys playing board games, traveling, and reading.


Nicole Shiffler

International Mothering

Topic - Unschooling, What Is It? 

Nicole's mission is to empower mothers to THRIVE, inspire their children in the beauties of life, and create a home life that is magical -- because home life CAN be. 


Nicole has developed,  The Ultimate Unschooling Course, and is currently working on courses, Empowering Your Child In the Kitchen, How to Raise a Resilient Child and How to Use the Power of Visualization to Become Everything You Want. 

Nicole is a mother of four lovely little ladies: Caroline (6), Johanna (4), Ainsleigh (2), and Annabelle (2). Her husband, Bobby, is one outnumbered man in a home where dolls and tutus can be found strewn across every room.


She is a stay-at-home, blogging, homeschooling, want-to-be artist who knows very well the privilege of me-time. She absolutely loves creating with her children and for her home. It is a stress-relieving, gratifying, incredible process to create. It is even more so when she can share it with her children.

Leslie H.jpeg

Leslie Householder

Rare Faith - Making Things Happen

Topic - Four Things Every Parent Needs in order to Succeed in the Homeschool Adventure

Leslie Householder is the award-winning, international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters. Since 2002, she has helped people all over the world discover and apply the Rare Kind of Faith that causes things to happen for powerful life changes. Through story and shifts of perspective, Leslie aims to help her readers crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under their beds. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.


Melia Rios-Lazo

Entrepreneur - Mom

Topic -Unlocking The Power of Peace Within: 

 Building Self-Worth and Confidence in Your Child  (With Patti Rokus)

Melia Rios-Lazo is a wife and mom to 5 kids from 5 to 17 years old. Having a child with ADHD and other health challenges, she jumped into homeschooling for a fresh look at adjusting to these new opportunities. 


She is a master at creating, innovating and cultivating ideas that can strengthen the home and family. So far her creativity is shared through her blog and successful Etsy store., but keep an eye out because she is about to create something huge.


 Melia has a passion for helping children and is co-founder of Tiny Trunk Tales where children gather to learn how to unlock the power within.


Rachel Holloway

1st Year Homeschool Mom

Topic - Lessons I learned my first year homeschooling

Rachel is a first year homeschool mom of  five children, ranging from age 7-17. She will share her unique experience of homeschooling some of her children while others remained in traditional schooling, and what it was like to jump into homeschool during the end of her oldest child's high school years. Living in a state that offers no homeschool support or charters, she has experienced firsthand the feelings of trying to do this alone and will share some of the beautiful, life-changing realizations she discovered along the way.


Alana Chernecki

Education Consultant, Curriculum Author, Mom

Topic - The Sweet Spot - Balancing Play and Structured Learning in the Early Years

Alana is an education consultant, curriculum author and mom of three young girls. - Her mission is to help parents and educators bring joy and passion into teaching and learning. She believes ALL children are capable, brilliant, innately creative human beings.


Alana started her journey teaching Kindergarten in Winnipeg's Inner City. She later went on to receive her Masters of Education, and has facilitated dozens of workshops to parents, teachers and administrators both locally and nationally.


She now supports homeschool families with her all-in-one curriculum and implementation program, Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning.®

Alana weaves the arts, wonder and play into all corners of learning, helping young children fall in love with learning.

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