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Day  1 - 12 days of Christmas Learning

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When December comes, many homeschooling families are in need of a break. These 12 Days of Christmas videos and worksheets are the perfect, Christ centered break many are looking for. 

Once purchased, you will have access to the full 91 page download and the instructional videos. This is our most popular download and so many families have found so much fun, joy and have found a greater meaning in Christmas along with a more peaceful environment as they follow these lessons. 

Reg. $89.99 Sale Price $24.99

Day 3 - Homeschooling Summit


Improve your teaching skills. Learn new skills and ideas! All designed to make your homeschooling both simple and successful. There are over 13 hours of amazing content from the best homeschool mentors. 

You don't have to listen to them all in one sitting, this is your program for life. Take your time, let their discussions sink in. Go back and review sections as often as you like. 

This is a great way to also discover if homeschooling is right for you and your family. See how it resonates with what you are thinking. 

We know you will love each of these amazing speakers. Go to the purchase page for more information and an introduction video. 

Reg. $59.99 Sale Price $9.99

Day 5 - Learning (Lifetime Membership)


For many families, they take their children out of school, set them around the table at 9am and begin the process of brining traditional school home. The stress of this creates the recipe for disaster. 

Our Parent Learning Center, is a 7 Course program where you learn from experts how to take the time to set up your homeschooling for success. 

Homeschooling is not what most people think it is. Instead it is the most rewarding experience you will ever have with your children, bringing you closer as a family than you ever thought possible. 

If you want to experience homeschooling in a whole new way, you will not want to miss this deal! Now is your chance to lock in your lifetime membership. 

(If you purchased either the Summit or Christmas Curriculum deals, you will receive credit as they are included in the full membership)

Reg. $199.99 Sale Price $99.99


(keep in mind, after this sale is over, the lifetime price will be going up to $299.99)

Day 7 - No More Treadmill


It's important to create your Homeschooling in the right order. Many jump in and bring the same traditional school treadmill home and hop on. 

In Course 1 there are 8 modules that show you:

  • What the treadmill is and what the desired outcome should look like. 

  • How to get off the treadmill

  • Starting the season of decompression 

  • How older kids decompress

  • How parents decompress

  • How to stay off the treadmill (harder than it seems)

  • Why not to start homeschooling until you feel you are fully off. 

  • Bonus Module about socialization. 

All of this for only $4.99! 

Day 9 - An Overarching Vision

Cute-santa-with-christmas-blank-background-vector-01 copy.jpg

"Creating an Overarching Vision" download, goes through all the needed documents we have put together for a homeschool family.


This is a must have for any homeschool family to keep everything on track to a successful experience. This is one of our most popular downloads for a reason. It gives the foundational documents for success at your fingertips.


Reg. $24.99 - 12 Days of Savings Price $9.99

Day 11 - Family Mission Planning Course


6 week, "Family Planning and Mission Course". It will be taught live on Zoom for one hour each week. In it you will learn how to:


Beginning January 18th, Join us each week for a Live Zoom on "How to Plan and Create a Family Mission". In this 6 week course you will learn how to:

  • January 18th-Week one: discovering the overarching principles/values for yourself and your family 

  • January 25th-Week two: creating a family vision

  • February 1st:-Week three: creating a family mission statement and motto

  • February 8th-Week four: Break the vision and mission statement into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines and practices

  • February 15th-Week five: Establishing a family contract and a family standard-translating ideals into a discipline plan 

  • March 1st-Week Six: Goal setting and how to hold family meetings and individual meetings 


Once purchased, you will receive the zoom code and class times.

Reg. $119.99 - 12 Days of Savings Price $24.99

Day 2 - Amazing Travel, Incredibly Cheap

Santa ATIC copy.jpg

Give the gift of Travel. Amazing Travel, Incredibly Cheap will teach you the travel hacks that allow your family to travel anywhere in the world for just the cost of food and fun. 

Learn how to get free airfare, free accommodations, free transportation when you are at your destination. Learn packing tips, how to save on the cost of food and so much more. 

A family of 6 can spend 3 weeks in Europe for less than $2500.00 total. How do we know? We've done this over and over again. 

Travel will rewire the way you think, your perspective on life and the world. Get your copy today and start going on trips of a lifetime, all the time. 

Reg. $17.95 Sale Price $13.95

(Plus Shipping)

Day 4 - Safe Phone for Kids


When it comes to your child's phone, you don't want to have to buy a new one every time your child needs a new feature. With Troomi, you buy one phone and you maintain full control of how much access they have to texting, the internet and so much more. 

Give them the gift they want with the peace of mind you demand! 

All phones 50% off—plus up to $90 in FREE service!

Day 6 - The Gift of Understanding

Santa ACDI.jpg

I can't do it. It's not for me. I will lose my personal time. My kids will have trouble socializing. What happens when they want to go to a university or collage?


All of these are valid concerns that most parents have when they think about homeschooling.


In our ebook, "Anyone Can Do It", we breakdown these questions and more plus give you a peek behind the homeschooling curtain. Santa certainly wouldn't put this in his 12 days of savings if he felt like you couldn't do it.


We want you to know that we have your back! You can do this and we are here to help. Homeschooling as been our greatest joy and has opened up so many opportunities for our children.


Day 8 - Raising Responsible Kids 


Course 2 is all about teaching children their role in the process. This is probably the most important course any parent could have. It's ideas and principles are for all families even if your not homeschooling. However, if you are homeschooling and you want cooperation, no whining, with your kids knowing when and how to get things done, this course is a must.


The modules teach you as a parent:

  • How to train your children how to be responsible.

  • About family work and chores.

  • How to encourage cooperation, ownership and self motivation.

  • How to get your children to stop arguing and complaining with each other and the parent.

  • How to stop the blaming and creating excuses.

  • Finally, how to deal with a difficult child in a loving and firm way.

All of this for only $4.99! 

Day 10 - A Travel Workshop


On March 10th and 11th, Join us for a two day Live Zoom workshop on "How to Travel The World Incredibly Cheap!". In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Get Free Airfare

  • How to get really cheap airfare

  • How to get free accommodations

  • How to get free transportation (car) while at your destination

  • How to save hundreds on the cost of food

  • And so much more


We have had the privilege of traveling the world. We have been to over 30 counties and for the most part have done it with our children in tow. We have, through our experience and travel books, become the family travel experts, especially when it come to traveling with a family inexpensively.

As a family we have travel for three week, and six of us through Europe for less than $2500.00 We have gone to Hawaii for a week for less than $200.00 per person. All this was with airfare, accommodations, car, food and more.

Reg. $129.99 - 12 Days of Savings Price $49.99

Day 12 - Monthly checklists


Having a checklist for each month helps homeschool parents stay on top of it all. Use them each month to help organize the key aspects of that month. 


Each month is different and your plan of attack should be different. When you have a checklist, you have a plan and your chances of success are much greater.


Our monthly checklist have helped countless homeschoolers and they will be a great asset to your homeschooling plan. 

Reg. $4.99 - 12 Days of Savings Price FREE!

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