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When you are ready to homeschool, you need to understand the importance of "Getting Off The Treadmill". Once you get this down, homeschooling becomes a simple,  successful and joyful journey. 

In our course "Getting Off The Treadmill", you will discover how you as a parent can bring the joy of learning to your children.

It will give you a glimpse of how we help teach parents  to successfully homeschool without the stress and in a more simplified way. You will learn that homeschooling is nothing like bringing traditional school home. You will discover how to have both you and your children decompress and open their minds to the future. 

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Video Module 1 of 8 - Course 1, Understanding the importance of getting off the traditional school treadmill and see how Simplified Homeschooling can help you as a parent in your homeschool adventure. 


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At Simplified Homeschooling we provide courses and tools for beginning homeschool parents to awaken an unstoppable passion and lifelong learning in children. 


Gain the knowledge parents need through courses and modules like this free gift to create a simplified way to homeschool


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8 core courses walk you through how to begin with success in mind, how to gently raise responsible kids, how to set up the right environment, how to understand your child's learning personality, how to match the right teaching method to that personality, how to set up your teaching methods, what curriculum is needed to teach my child K-5, and how to bring learning alive for Highschool age and prepare them for life


Bringing your children home for their education will be the single most rewarding thing you will ever do

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