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Course 2 - Raising Responsible Kids
(12 days of Savings Price - $4.99)


Course 2 is all about teaching children their role in the process. This is probably the most important course any parent could have. It's ideas and principles are for all families even if your not homeschooling. However, if you are homeschooling and you want cooperation, no whining, with your kids knowing when and how to get things done, this course is a must. 


The modules teach you as a parent how to train your children how to be responsible. About family work and chores. How to encourage cooperation, ownership and self motivation. How to get your children to stop arguing and complaining with each other and the parent. How to stop the blaming and creating excuses. Finally, how to deal with a difficult child in a loving and firm way. 


Worrying about how you are going to have your children listen to you as both their parent and teacher are put to rest when you follow the ideas taught in this course. This one course will change your relationship with your children more than any other can. 


Remember, there is much more to setting up your homeschooling properly and this is just one part. If you want it all, don't forget to order the full membership while it is still on sale. 

Regular Price $39.99 (Sale $4.99)

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