What is the best teaching method for my child?

Understanding your child's personality is one of the most important aspects to a successful homeschooling experience. It allows you to find the right teaching style for your child so that they both understand and enjoy learning. 

The different teaching styles are below. Subscribe, to watch the videos to see how to use the different styles to teach and so much more. 

Style One - The Otter

Waldorf Style of Teaching

Waldorf believed in teaching the whole child. The spirit, mind and body. He did this not with textbooks they would read, but rather textbooks they would create. He called it the Hands - Heart - Head Method. 

This works well for an Otter, or a style one child. This style is very hands off for the parent, providing contexts and guidance and is very hands on for the child. 

"Where is the book in which the teacher can read about what teaching is? The children themselves are this book. We should not learn to teach out of any book other than the one lying open before us and consisting of the children themselves."

                               - Rudolf Steiner

“... my object is to show that the chief function of the child--his (her) business in the world during the first six or seven years of his life--is to find out all he (She) can, about whatever comes under his notice, by means of his five senses...”        

                                                                           - Charlotte Mason

Style Two - The Koala

Charlotte Mason Style

Three things are essential in the Charlotte Mason teaching style.


 - Atmosphere - Discipline - Life - 

For the child who needs a little more structure and who needs to feel the comfort of their surroundings, this method is wonderful. These children are dependable, but need room to develop their own ideas. When you use this method on the right child, you will be amazed at what they accomplish. 

Style Three - The Bee/Tiger

Unschooling Style

Unschooling in this sense is not, "free range" learning with no structure or purpose other than what the child wants.


No, when a child is a type three style learner, they are strong willed, hard to discipline but full of determination. Style three works wonders and can help eliminate conflicts more than any other style. 

Learning becomes a partnership between the child and the parent. The Child follows their interests and curiosity with the help of the parent.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

                              -William Butler Yeats

“An educated person is not someone who knows something, but someone who can explain what they know to others.”
                                        ― Leigh A. Bortins,

Style Four - The Owl

Classical Style

The Classical Style is for a child who works well in the traditional school environment. It creates the checklists, the structure that works with their mind. This style however can be either more hands on or off depending on the child's level of understanding of a particular subject. A Classical Style Education is about teaching all of the subjects in all of the grades and although they do well in a school environment, they excel in the right homeschool environment. 

Style Five

Maria Montessori Style

This style works particularly well with children zero to four and can work with any personality. It is all about hands on activities the child and find and do on their own. 

It builds repetition in things like colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Most children are naturally inclined for this type of learning. They have to be touching, they have to be seeing how things work. 

It is the free flow of education that is very hands off, creates the love of exploring. 

“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.”
       ― Maria Montessori

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