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Available Help

We have lots of ways to help parents who don't feel they need the full learning center. You can purchase some of our courses separately, Get insider information from experts in homeschooling from our recorded summit, or benefit from our interview series talking one on one with other homeschoolers and influencers. 


Course 1
Getting Off The Treadmill


Once you get started or if you get stuck, this is the course that will remind you, am I homeschooling or am I bringing school home. Have we decompressed enough, do I have things set up so we can enjoy every moment. 

Homeschooling Summit
The Future of Homeschooling


Learn from the experts and keynote speakers like, Richard Paul Evans, Nicholeen Peck and Julie Bogart. So much amazing information is packed into this summit. Homeschooling with a vision, harmony and excellence, Thinking outside the box, What a developing brain needs that they don't teach in school, and Cultivating a love of learning are just a few of the topics covered. 

Course 2
Raising Responsible Kids


Will my kids listen to me and do their part in the homeschooling journey? In these series of videos, you learn what it takes to have order in your home. How to set boundaries, get children to do chores and not argue or fight against you as a parent as their teacher. 

Free Interview Series
Learn from influencers


We interview mom's, influencers and others who can and will help you along your journey. We help inspire and lift your homeschooling experience to a whole new level. This series continues to grow so continue to come back and see what's new. 

Direct Route To Reading
Reading Curriculum


This is proving to be one of the most effective ways to teach children to read. Combining fun, interactive animation with characters your child will love along with grouping certain letters that help the child better understand how to not only sound out the shape of the letter but put them together to form words. 

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